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Just one of the many basic points.

I give your enlightened thinking 10/10. Just one of the many hypocrisies that they seem ever forgetful of, but are first to tote at us.

My only criticism is that at the end, you don't leave the text up on the screen for long enough to make your point. I can only read like the first two sentences before it disappears x3

PrivateJoker152 responds:

damn it! I'm sorry I forgot this, it was made for youtube, anyone can pause it there, I didn't think this through at all when I published it here :(

You sound

I think you're too close to the mic, you might want to re-record the sound and re-upload, cause the sound is very muffled.


It's funny cause it's true.

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The only thing I don't like about the game is how slowly the crab moves. He's just a bit painfully slow, which makes the game a bit difficult.

Nice game

I give this game a medium score for 2 reasons, one more so than the other. The first is that I can't get past the second level. The problem is that the screen doesn't scroll over, so I always get caught. The other thing is your English. It's pretty good and can be understood, however it is not perfect. This is not a bad thing and does not affect the score I gave you, I simply mention it to let you know. Maybe you could ask someone to proof-read it for you? Just to make sure that it can all be understood, because sometimes leaving a word or two out can cause confusion. Great effort, well done, like the game.

Cute and all, but

Probably needs a higher rating, I dunno exactly. Not too bad apart from that. I would include the option of a one player mode as well.

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